#Thisisme – 24

Today’s confession feels like it should be embarrassing for me, but it’s something I completely embrace about myself.

I love watching trashy television!

Jersey Shore, Take Me Out, Teen Mom, Catfish, Kitchen Nightmares; these are all shows I’ve watched and all of those types of shows where I can turn off my thoughts and just watch something. I find it enjoyable and it makes up a good portion of the television watching I do.

Most of the time when I’m watching them, I find myself both delighted and angry. I question why the people on the shows are acting the way that they do and it infuriates me that they aren’t make better decisions. But I don’t stop watching after that. It just fuels the enjoyment for me.

So next time you find me relating something to an old Jersey Shore episode, remember I’m not ashamed of my terrible television watching and you should give them a try too.


#Thisisme – 23

(**Please note I’m writing this several days in advance, so it may not be relevant to the day that it’s posted)

Today I confess that sometimes I get pretty sad.

The past few days have been like that. It’s been difficult to get myself up in the mornings (partly due to the fact that my sleeping schedule has been off for the past few weeks), hard to motivate myself to do anything I don’t have to do, and I’ve just generally had little to no energy.

However, it is a pattern and over the years I’ve learned to recognize when it’s coming and am getting better at self care and asking for support when I need it.

So to the friends and others who have dealt with me when I go through these periods of being sad, I’m sorry and hope I can get back to a more positive mindset soon.

#Thisisme – 22

As I write this, it’s not yet 7am on a week day. But I’ve been awake for about an hour and a half (maybe 2 hours if you count the restless tossing and turning before I decided to just get up) and have already worked out, made tea, showered, done my hair, and ground coffee.

That’s right, in today’s post I’ll talk about how I am a legendary Morning Person.

My family has always been early risers. My mother wakes up around 530-6 every morning and makes a productive start to the day, often doing laundry, making/prepping meals, and taking the dogs (when they were still with us) for walks before the sun at risen.

Growing up, I didn’t think I’d be a morning person but I slowly started gravitating towards getting things done this way. I found I was more productive in the mornings and that it’s when I do my best thinking.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t negate my previous post about loving to sleep. I really do. But I’ve always felt that mornings have more potential and besides, it’s the best time to utilize our amazing view:


#Thisisme – 21

It’s felt especially cold this week so I want to write about something which will (hopefully) cheer me up and remind me that, eventually, warm weather will be here.

I love being outdoors!

Not when it’s -24 out, but anywhere from a nice -5 to the mid-30’s (above Celsius) is pleasant for me. It’s nicer the warmer it is but going for a walk in the cold when I’m nicely bundled up and knowing I’m heading towards a warmer destination.

Ideally, however, I’m spending a lot of time outside in the summertime when I can comfortably wear dresses and be out until the late sunset. I love going for long walks outside, sitting by the water, having picnics in parks, and going out camping or to cottages.

I’ve missed the beauty of Canadian summers while I’ve been away the past 2 years and I’m excited to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors once warmer weather hits.

#Thisisme – 20

For today’s confession, I’d like to talk about something which annoys me. And that is when people are flakey (or, as a friend and I say due to an autocorrect mistake years ago, flamethrowers)*.

If someone isn’t interested in hanging out with me or I’ve suggested an activity which doesn’t appeal to them, I like to think I’m alright with either being blatantly told or picking up on the signals. But the problem comes with people who often speak to me and try to make plans and either cancel last minute or get very ambivalent when I suggest doing something.

Don’t get me wrong, as an introvert, I completely understand and embrace not going out. When I make plans, they tend to be smaller gatherings or an activity which is either nearby or sounds like something I wouldn’t want to miss out on. I also try not to be a hypocrite and stick to plans as best I can once I’ve made them.

For the most part, I can do something else if I’ve been bailed on (even if that is “go swimming” or “pick up [whatever] from the grocery store”) but it’s a different mind set for me and it requires switching gears.

So please friends, when we make plans, try to stick with them or bail early enough in advance that I can plan to do something else with my time.

*I want to note that this wasn’t inspired by any particular person or event, just a general pet peeve.

#Thisisme – 19

Ever since I was young, I’ve been a keen reader. I would happily read the books assigned to me at school plus whatever books we had at home. I was the child who would stay up late reading when I got to a good part of a book then happily continue the next morning over the breakfast table.

As I got older, my love of reading and literature was a big part of my choice to major in English in university. I thought if I liked to read so much, this degree would open my eyes to many new books and I would be glad to have so many choice of things to read.

I was wrong.

Being forced to read books completely changed my love of them, especially when I didn’t like what I was reading. It took me about a year after graduating before I wanted to start reading for pleasure again.

Now, I try to interchange reading “serious” books (usually something relevant to my work) with “dessert” reading (something fun which is easy to pick up for short periods of time).

I’m glad I’ve returned to reading, even if not as vigorously as before, because it’s an easy way to have an escape and learn new things.

#Thisisme – 18

As I’ve mentioned before, I love going new places and trying new things. Novelty really appeals to me and I like being able to explore.

As part of this, going to things like museums and art galleries which gives me a great taste of different cultures.

But! One of my favourite parts of of visiting places like this is exploring the gift shop. I love walking through and looking at all of the overpriced trinkets, toys, and other little gadgets. I very rarely buy anything but I get delighted just walking through and looking at all the little things that they have.

I know it’s a bit odd to be in a cultured place and take so much joy in walking through the gift shop, but something about it is always fun to me.

#Thisisme – 17

Day 17 of the challenge and I’m very surprised I haven’t run out of things to write about yet. Go me!

Today I confess that I love my alone time.

I find it very fulfilling to sit on my own and do whatever I’d like to do. I lived by myself for almost 2 years (though this was a few years ago) and enjoyed the freedom of sleeping whenever I wanted, eating what I wanted without judgement, and going out/coming home without any questions (within limits, as I was working a full time job).

I’m an introvert and being alone gives me time to recharge and get energy to spend time with other people.

I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship where my partner understands this need for alone time and our place is big enough so that we have our own personal space and we will often do our own things for several hours at a time. Having time on my own isn’t something I want to give up (and am not sure I can, for my own well being).

So, today’s post is fairly simple, this is me: introvert.

#Thisisme – 16

Devyn and I are now at the half way point of the #Thisisme challenge. I’m proud that we’ve both gotten this far but a little worried about how quickly January is moving.

Anyways, today’s confession is something that many people know about me and not something which I shy away from telling people (though hopefully not in an overly obnoxious way). I am Child Free.

I don’t ever want to have children and I’m very happy with this choice. I know I have several “child-bearing years” left in me but I am happy to never exercise that choice. I’ve felt this way for at least the last 15 years of my life and despite repeatedly being told that I would change my mind as I got older, I’ve only become more sure of this decision.

That being said, I know that this is a personal decision and I don’t judge anyone who has decided to have children and think that’s a great choice for them. It isn’t for me and having children in my life isn’t something I want for myself.

I am very happily child free by choice.

#Thisisme – 15

I don’t think I’ve written about things I particularly dislike yet, so I’ll “confess” to today today.

I don’t like candles. I definitely don’t hate them and they’re fine once they’re around and burning, but I really don’t like receiving them as gifts and feel like they add a lot of clutter to places. It would have to be a very special candle for me to buy it for myself.

It seems like one of the least though-through and generic gifts I could get and, generally, I don’t like having lots of “stuff” or things around, so when someone gives me a candle (which I don’t like to begin with) it just adds to my annoyance at having a pile of things I need to use up or get rid of.

As I said, once it’s there and I’m actually burning it, I seem to be a lot more fond of candles. But, generally, I’m fine with not having any around and filling my space differently.