#Thisisme – 30

My partner suggested that I take one of these entries to write about something that’s changed in my over the past few years. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to look back and objectively see how I’ve changed, so instead I asked him what’s changed about me.

He said I’ve become a lot more obsessive about making sure I get my work outs in. This got me thinking about why and I realized it comes back to the fact that I’m terrified of getting older. I know it happens to everyone but I try to take care of myself enough that I’ll (somehow) slow down the process.

In the past few years, I’ve changed by becoming more regimented about things that I do and steps that I take to keep myself healthy. I try to get a decent amount of sleep and I try to not strain myself if I’m injured.

I think that all of this comes from two sides of the same coin: it isn’t good that I’ve become so intense about making sure I do these preventative things to take care of myself but it’s good that I am somewhat aware of ways I can take better care of my body.

To the original point though, I do need to learn to be less hard on myself when I miss doing something that would have been good for me and take it all in stride.