#Thisisme – 29

This confession may surprise people whom I haven’t spent much time with lately, but is something I’ve practiced for awhile now. It’s that I don’t really drink.

I’ve had a glass of wine once every few months, but I definitely don’t get drunk anymore and I’m not interested in drinking any more alcohol than that.

There’s several reasons for this but the most prominent is that I tend to forget things really quickly when I’m drinking. So, I can do or say something and even a minute later I’ve completely forgotten about it. This has caused me a lot of anxiety in the past when I stress out, wondering if I did something foolish when drinking the night before.

Luckily, for the most part, I’ve been pretty good but the stress that it causes me the next day isn’t worth it to me. So for the most part, I choose to be a non-drinker.