#Thisisme – 28

I have a very lighthearted topic to write about today (at least to me) which reveals a pretty big part of myself that most people don’t suspect. That is is my music taste is pretty stereotypically terrible.

I love listening to Pitbull, High School Musical, Aqua, remixes of top 40 songs, One Direction and the like. That isn’t to say I don’t like other “good” music but in general, my preference is to listen to something catchy which I can easily sing along to.

This tends to surprise a lot of people when they find this out about me. Apparently I don’t “look” like my music taste is so base (whatever that means) but I am completely unashamed of it being the way that it is.

I’m not sure what my “criteria” is for me to find a song enjoyable but when I do find something I like, I don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to embrace it.