#Thisisme – 27

There’s something I can’t believe I haven’t talked about yet but Devyn posted about ages ago: I am a feminist.

I know that that word can sometimes have a tricky meaning behind it so I used to struggle with using it to identify myself. But having become comfortable in my own skin, I can very confidently declare that I believe gender should not limit a person’s basic rights and the way they they’re treated.

This includes intersectionality, long standing forms of societal sexism (and I say sexism because I think people of every gender have experienced it), and even basic human rights. I very strongly believe in human equality.

This post is not a place to debate the validity of any experiences or right and, as a recent Cracked article said better than I ever could: “If a movement — regardless of what it represents — ever feels like it’s losing ground by showing empathy, then something has gone seriously fucking awry.”