#Thisisme – 24

Today’s confession feels like it should be embarrassing for me, but it’s something I completely embrace about myself.

I love watching trashy television!

Jersey Shore, Take Me Out, Teen Mom, Catfish, Kitchen Nightmares; these are all shows I’ve watched and all of those types of shows where I can turn off my thoughts and just watch something. I find it enjoyable and it makes up a good portion of the television watching I do.

Most of the time when I’m watching them, I find myself both delighted and angry. I question why the people on the shows are acting the way that they do and it infuriates me that they aren’t make better decisions. But I don’t stop watching after that. It just fuels the enjoyment for me.

So next time you find me relating something to an old Jersey Shore episode, remember I’m not ashamed of my terrible television watching and you should give them a try too.