#Thisisme – 17

Day 17 of the challenge and I’m very surprised I haven’t run out of things to write about yet. Go me!

Today I confess that I love my alone time.

I find it very fulfilling to sit on my own and do whatever I’d like to do. I lived by myself for almost 2 years (though this was a few years ago) and enjoyed the freedom of sleeping whenever I wanted, eating what I wanted without judgement, and going out/coming home without any questions (within limits, as I was working a full time job).

I’m an introvert and being alone gives me time to recharge and get energy to spend time with other people.

I’m lucky enough to be in a relationship where my partner understands this need for alone time and our place is big enough so that we have our own personal space and we will often do our own things for several hours at a time. Having time on my own isn’t something I want to give up (and am not sure I can, for my own well being).

So, today’s post is fairly simple, this is me: introvert.