#Thisisme – 16

Devyn and I are now at the half way point of the #Thisisme challenge. I’m proud that we’ve both gotten this far but a little worried about how quickly January is moving.

Anyways, today’s confession is something that many people know about me and not something which I shy away from telling people (though hopefully not in an overly obnoxious way). I am Child Free.

I don’t ever want to have children and I’m very happy with this choice. I know I have several “child-bearing years” left in me but I am happy to never exercise that choice. I’ve felt this way for at least the last 15 years of my life and despite repeatedly being told that I would change my mind as I got older, I’ve only become more sure of this decision.

That being said, I know that this is a personal decision and I don’t judge anyone who has decided to have children and think that’s a great choice for them. It isn’t for me and having children in my life isn’t something I want for myself.

I am very happily child free by choice.