#Thisisme – 15

I don’t think I’ve written about things I particularly dislike yet, so I’ll “confess” to today today.

I don’t like candles. I definitely don’t hate them and they’re fine once they’re around and burning, but I really don’t like receiving them as gifts and feel like they add a lot of clutter to places. It would have to be a very special candle for me to buy it for myself.

It seems like one of the least though-through and generic gifts I could get and, generally, I don’t like having lots of “stuff” or things around, so when someone gives me a candle (which I don’t like to begin with) it just adds to my annoyance at having a pile of things I need to use up or get rid of.

As I said, once it’s there and I’m actually burning it, I seem to be a lot more fond of candles. But, generally, I’m fine with not having any around and filling my space differently.