#Thisisme – 14

Today’s confession might make me a little bit weird but I’m excited for tonight, so I’m going to write about it. It’s about the dentist.

I love visiting the dentist. I love how clean my teeth feel after a cleaning and I love getting them checked and feeling like I’m taking care of such an important part of my health.

Since I was young, having healthy teeth has been ingrained in me. My father only has fake teeth now because of how poorly he took care of his teeth when he was younger. So I think part of the joy of going to the dentist (even if I have problems or cavities) is knowing that I’m taking care of myself and not going down that same path.

Sure, as a child, I had the bad experiences which I think every child has (one “kid friendly” dentist comes to mind) but overall the dentist has never been anything I feared.

One of my favourite memories is the day after getting my wisdom teeth pulled (when I got to stay home from school for the day) and I just ate milkshakes and baby food for days while zoned out watching Star Wars.

So tonight after work, I’m going to the dentist. And I’m going quite happily.