#Thisisme – 13

Today’s post is sort of a “coming out” for me.

It’s something I don’t often talk about publicly because of the associations people have with the word but I’m going to use it to describe myself now.

I’m a vegetarian.

I stopped eating meat a few months ago and have found it works for me. Meals are simpler to cook and I feel better about myself (not to mention the animal-saving bonus).

I tried to go vegetarian several times in my life before this (which might be was I’ve been so hesitant to describe myself as one) but it’s never really stuck. I didn’t get much support from my family when I tried while growing up (and I was at the whims of what my mother would buy and cook, so it was difficult) and ended up going back to being an omnivore. I tried again in my second year of university but I was weak and having neighbours who cooked amazing steaks was too much for me.

Now I’m trying it again. I try not to assume that I’ll never eat meat again but for now, this feels like the right choice for me.