#Thisisme – 12

For Day 12, I’m going to steal Devyn’s idea for a previous post and write about my faith, or lack thereof.

When it comes to religious faith, I identify as an atheist.

Despite going to Catholic schools up until University and going through all the ceremonies and bells and whistles, I started to realize somewhere around grade 9 that I didn’t believe in any of it.

My family had never been very strongly religious (I think we went to church on Easter but that was more or less it) and for year my mother has called herself “more spiritual than religious” so I think by the time I was self aware enough to examine my religious faith, the answer was obvious.

I think that I first started questioning religion was when a certain religion teacher in my high school said some wildly homophobic things and it dawned on me that this wasn’t something I wanted to be apart of or be associated with.

Being an atheist is what works for me and while I’ve had one or two people push back on that, overall it’s been an easy label for me to take.