#Thisisme – 11

Upon a very good suggestion, I’m going to write about something I’m not good at today. Being patient.

I don’t like waiting for people or when people are late (I find it disrespectful of my time). I don’t like having to wait for things to happen or for results.

I am an extremely impatient person and wish things would happen right now.

I often “joke” at restaurants or movies that “I’m ready to eat/be entertained now” and while I wouldn’t be rude enough to think that everyone and everything should be on my schedule, I do get annoyed and antsy when things take too long.

It’s a part of myself I’m trying to work on since I’m sure my irritability shows and as I’m currently working on some career goals which will take time to process, I know I need to trust that things will move along at their own pace.