#Thisisme – 9

Day 9 of the #Thisisme challenge and I’m starting to run out of things that I’m comfortable sharing. I know Devyn has done a much better job on their end and I highly recommend their blog for some great reads in the challenge (today’s cat blog was hilarious).

But as it is relevant to how I spent my late morning/early afternoon, I’m going to talk about my love of novelty.

I don’t think this is completely unconnected to my love of travel, since I love experiencing new places, but it isn’t just limited to that.

Today, my partner and I did a glass blowing workshop where we made glass birds.


It’s a lot of fun and there’s definitely an art form to it.


In the past, I’ve taken the opportunity to do things like climb the CN Tower, a blacksmithing workshop, learn to knit, the Tough Mudder, try my hand at languages (the intense Japanese class I took in my second year of university comes to mind…), and, of course, move abroad for a few years.


This is after climbing the CN Tower. It took me 21mins and 51secs.


I recognize that I’m lucky enough to have the privilege to do these different things and to try to find hobbies and skills where I might want to continue to grow.

I think that, as per my new years resolution, taking the time to try new things (depending on the exact activity, of course) is a great way to be mindful of my time and to ensure I’m making the most of it.