#Thisisme – 8

Day 8 of the #Thisisme January challenge and I’m impressed that I’ve kept up! I think a big part of it has been due to the encouragement of my friend Devyn and wanting to keep up with the awesome posts they keep putting out.

Today I’ll talk about something near and dear to my heart. Something I love more than (almost) anything.


I was introduced to this amazing ice cream-like treat a few years ago and it’s held a special, delicious place ever since. I’m especially fond of the fruit flavours but there have been some incredible other ones that I’ve tried (cotton candy, I’m looking at you).

In March of last year, we went to Barcelona for 6 days and I was lucky enough to have gelato 8 times. There were places everywhere, like some sort of paradise.

This comes to mind because I has gelato last night and even in the cold Toronto weather it was great. I’m looking forward to the warm summer when, after dinner, I can take a stroll and try some more flavours.