#Thisisme – 6

Today’s confession is a little more “real” than the last ones. I’ll try to be more light hearted tomorrow.

I exercise about 6 times a week, but I don’t particularly like to. Unfortunately, it’s something I feel I have to do to feel good about myself. Sure, I know there’s the usual benefits of decreasing certain health risks and helping with fatigue, but my main reason for doing it is to look “good”.

However, whenever I step back and think about it, I worry I’m contributing to the awful idea that women (well, people) need to fit a certain body type to look conventionally attractive in society. I worry I’m not being a good enough proponent of the idea that we should look at more than just a person’s looks to determine their attractiveness.

This, in turn, makes me feel ashamed that I may actually be contributing to the opposite. As I said, I know there’s many other benefits to exercising but my intentions in exercising don’t skew that way.