#Thisisme – 5

Today I’ll talk about an aspect of myself which is especially prevalent lately: travel.

I love traveling and visiting new places and seeing new things.


Iceland, September 2011


I’ve been to a number of different places and living in London for 2 years afforded me the luxury of cheap and easy travel in Europe, which is something I’ve missed since moving back to Canada.


Copenhagen, April 2015


Among my favourite places I’ve been are Iceland (which was my first trip alone), Copenhagen (a spur of the moment, very cheap, trip with a coworker), and Berlin (where the mix of history and youth was amazing).

2015-02-08 11.08.00

Berlin, February 2015


I’ve been dying to travel more lately and have spent time looking at flights to South America. Galapagos Island National Park is my dream trip but might be out of reach. However, there seem to be some other amazing places I can visit and hope to soothe that travel bug by booking something soon.