#Thisisme – 4

We’re in day 4 of #Thisisme and my first day back in the office after about a week and a half. I’ll be setting a reminder for myself to keep up with these posts.

Today, I’ll share about my fascination with relationship advice columns. I love reading people giving advice on relationships but only if the advice-giver is sex positive. It started with Dr. Nerdlove and Dan Savage then extended to Captain Awkward and all of the old Dear Sugar posts. I often now visit the Reddit relationship section (which tends to be surprisingly liberal) to get my fix.

I think, in a voyeuristic-way, I enjoy peeking into other people’s lives and what goes on in their relationships. I think it’s natural to look at these aspects which we don’t often share with the public and compare ourselves, making sure we’re “normal” (as ridiculous as the idea of normal is).