#Thisisme – 2

This is day 2 in my 31 day #Thisisme challenge. Each day I’ll be posting a “confession” about myself.

Again, it is better explained by my friend Devyn here.


Lately, I am obsessed with the concept of time and how it’s the one thing you can never get back. I worry that I’m not using my time in the most effective ways and one day I’ll be “stuck” after choosing to use my time poorly for years.

This has manifested itself in my New Years resolution, which is to be more aware of how I spend my time and do so consciously. I’m free to spend time browsing the internet or binge watching a show, as long as it isn’t in a way where time “slips away”.

I have a few personal goals (in work, travel, hobbies, ect) that I’d like to accomplish this year and I think a better awareness of how my time is spent will help with that.