The things I think

On Thursday, December 12, 2013 I kept a list of every thought which popped into my head that made me laugh, but I didn’t say out loud. Here, my friends, without context or explanation, is that list:

  • The concept of this list
  • Krampus -> Mr. McGibblets -> Jon Lajoie -> Halloween (Pokemon style)
  • More different “s”
  • Two-face
  • #hilarioushashtags
  • Slapping cellphones
  • Making things up for this list
  • That anyone would actually care whether or not I made things up
  • Being confronted for eating honey with a spoon
  • Men in Black II
  • “No” without inflection or follow-up
  • Right to the top!
  • “You’re so smart. And funny. And pretty.”
  • Whispering then typing

One thought on “The things I think

  1. “You’re so smart. And funny. And pretty.” Made me giggle.

    What disturbs me is that even the idea of Men In Black II made you laugh….gross.

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