Homesickness Level: Maximum

I knew this would happen when I moved here.

I knew I would have bouts of homesickness with some being much, much worse than others.

I knew there would be days when it would be hard to hold back crying and I would be ready to book myself on the next flight home.

And yet here I am, still surprised that I’m this homesick, almost 4 months in.

It started last week. I had a really good weekend but unfortunately, that meant I “dropped” pretty hard during the week and got pretty bummed out. Things felt really bleak but I was able to rationalize that it was a drop and remembered my excited for my impending trip to Germany (this past weekend).

I went to visit a friend in Stuttgart, where she’s living right now. She and I keep in touch almost constantly (thank god for whatsapp) but there’s no substitute for an in-person interaction. My first night we stayed up until 3am just talking and eating cookies (amazing German cookies). It was a wonderful but too-short weekend and Sunday night I was back in London.

On my way into the city is really hit me how few very close friends I have there. I know it takes time to build the kinds of friendships that I spent years cultivating in Canada but I’m impatient and crave that kind of friendly intimacy. As a result the past 28-ish hours have seen extreme levels of homesickness and yearning to move back to Canada.

I’ve been keeping a calendar of how I feel and generally November has been a good month but we’ll see what December brings. However, I refuse to completely give up yet so I’m hoping to realign my priorities (again) and add a thing to the list I made before (suggestion courtesy of the friend in Germany): I need to start saying yes to more things. I’ve been invited out a few times and have said because [insert excuse here]. Even if whatever it is ends up being terrible, I only have to stay an hour or so and then I’ll leave.

In the meantime, looking for tips that can help me get out of this homesick slump before I get so upset I start missing things like snow and Walmart. John, if you’re still reading, this might be mostly aimed at you.