It’s been awhile

Sorry to the 3 loyal readers I have for my lack of updating as of late. Hopefully you haven’t completely abandoned me yet.

A lot has changed since my last post. I’m (thankfully) still living in London. I ended up accepting a different job at a small start-up and I’m really liking it so far. I work hard but the people I work with are pretty great. They’re extremely welcoming and anxious to be friends.

I also moved into my own room in a flat. It’s a very (very!!) small room but it’s cheap and it’s helping me re-coup the costs of the expensive move to London. I have about 7-8 flatmates and they’re generally friendly and listen when I ask them to quiet down after getting a little loud. They also leave the kitchen a little messy sometimes but, really, it’s a small price to pay to walk to work in the greatest city in the world.

I’ve found it extremely easy to make friends here. I’ve been going to meet-ups and even made some friends just by walking past some people on the street (one of them has a friend who lives in my hometown in Canada, small world). In a city so big with so many transient people, I think a lot of people are anxious to make real friends to anchor them down.

So all-in-all, except for the occasional homesickness, it’s actually been an easy move. Sometimes I think it was too easy and I cheated myself out of the “real” experience of moving countries, since it’s been so easy for me. I’d like to test myself by doing some traveling in non-English speaking countries just to see how I handle it, probably starting with Germany.


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    • John!!!
      As I get to walk to work, transportation costs are pretty low for me. However, I’ve heard people can spent around £30-£40 per week just getting to and from work. Food is probably comparable to Canada. Again, I do things like bring my own lunch to work everyday, which helps. It’s popular to work a little later and then go out for drinks with your colleagues though.

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